Club Volleyball Tryouts are When?!

Every year, club volleyball tryouts sneak up on us. It felt like just last week when we were at the pool trying not to get too sunburned and looking forward to the week-long vacation before the kids go back to school. Then bang! Here comes the rush of back-to-school-shopping-first-day-of-school-team-tryouts-first-game-why-is-my-kid-on-the-bench!?-good-lord-these-kneepads-need-to-be-washed-we-need-to-stop-and-get-stuff-for-dinner-before-homework-and-why-is-the-halloween-candy-out-this-early? Wait, what season is it again? Are those Christmas decorations? IT’S STILL SEPTEMBER FOR PETE’S SAKE.

That reminds me…. Oh my gosh! Club volleyball tryouts! When does that start? Am I too late?! Where is the info? Who are the clubs? Where are tryouts? How much does it cost? Did we miss it?

Cue the panicked phone calls to other parents, the rush to find out the information, and the rumors that all the teams are already full!

Unfortunately, I wish I could tell you that club season doesn’t come earlier every year. I also wish I could tell you that the inflatable Halloween pumpkin you just set up is an acceptable lawn decoration for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Mardi Gras. But, alas, I cannot. Tryouts come earlier every year, and yes, you may have missed it.

Why earlier every year? Well, like all other businesses, clubs must compete for the best locations, and the best clients. One of the ways to do that is to offer their programs earlier than everyone else. So each year, the tryouts move up, because clubs are vying for your athlete.

Finding the right club

Wait, I am reading this on the Delta Athletics Website. Aren’t your coaches club coaches? When are your club volleyball tryouts?

Yes, our coaches are current and former club coaches and directors, and yes, each Head Coach is USAV and SafeSport certified. But Delta Athletics is not a club. We are a year-round training program for athletes of all ages and skills. Think of Delta Athletics as where you train, and think of club as where you compete. In fact, most of Delta athletes attend Delta local training and club simultaneously during the season.

Because Delta Athletics is a year-round training program, we are club neutral. Which means that while we encourage athletes who want to play club to do so, we don’t try to direct them to any specific program. We work with all clubs, and provide unbiased information to our clients (and the public at large) as a service to the volleyball community. However, our Head Coaches are not bound from coaching club volleyball, so there may be some of your Delta coaches who will be coaching club on any given year. If you want to know if your favorite Delta coach is coaching a team this season, your best bet is to ask them directly.

Phew! I don’t think its too late, because the other kids haven’t tried out yet. I still have time! So, where is the information that I need to know?

If you are from the Chattanooga area, I have good news for you! Each year Delta Athletics works to get its athletes connected to the club programs in the area, and we try to provide the most up to date information to all athletes in the area. Listed below is the current Chattanooga teams and tryouts calendar.

Chattanooga Tryout Calendar

completed for 2023
completed for 2023
completed for 2023
completed for 2023
completed for 2023
completed for 2023
completed for 2023

If you have landed on this page from somewhere outside the Chattanooga area, I have for bad news for you: We don’t know who your local teams are, and finding the information usually isn’t very easy.

Why is it so hard to find club information?

Good question! The reason club information is so hard to find is that most clubs are small, part-time businesses with little staff and little to no advertising dollars. Unless you live in a volleyball market like Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, or Seattle, you are going to have a hard time finding the club info through Google. Your best bet to find your local clubs is through Facebook or word of mouth.

What should I do if I missed tryouts?

Your best bet will always be to contact the club directly to see if there are still opportunities available. Many clubs will take between 8 and 14 athletes per team, and there may still be space on the team you want to join. Expect to do a private tryout, and possibly sit the bench at the first couple of tournaments until you understand the team dynamic.

If there is not a spot for your athlete, don’t fret! An athlete won’t fall too far behind skipping a year of club. Especially if they take their free time to train in one of Delta Athletics training programs. Delta trains every week, year-round, and your athlete can join today!

Remember, unless you are on the fast track to get your athlete into college, professional, or Olympic volleyball, club training is not mandatory for anyone. While it is a great environment for learning and development, it is not the only way to learn the game.

As always, because our mission is to get athlete playing the game, no matter where they choose to play, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have. We can be reached anytime via email at, or though our online contact form.

Good Luck!

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