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Coronavirus Update: We Are Reopening!

Feb 9, 2021 – Delta Athletics is working to reopen safely, with our Hammond location to kickoff this week!

Delta is proud to announce that we will be reopening for weekly classes! Our first location to open will be Hammond, with Abita and (hopefully) Mandeville to follow later in the spring.

We are continuing to work with each school that we rent gym space from to determine the best and safest method of opening. At Trafton Academy (our Hammond location) we have agreed to no more than 14 players per class, with only one parent/spectator per athlete. This keeps the group of people in the gym under 35, which is far less than 25% occupancy for the gym. For a complete list of precautions, please see our COVID Policy.

For athletes and families new to the Delta Program, we highly encourage you to read through the list of classes we offer, and sign up for a Free Trial to get started. For the month of February, all of our classes are free, but are first come, first served – with only one free trial per athlete. But if you enroll early for the March classes, you get all of February for free!

For former Delta Athletes, we are honoring the commitment we made to you last year. If you were a member in good standing, your account will be credited with 2 weeks of training (to make up what we missed last year) and we will honor last year’s pricing if you resume before June 1st. We hope to see you back soon! Of course, we cannot yet accommodate all our former athletes, as we are running in a limited capacity. So we highly encourage you to sign up as early as possible to reserve your spot.

Stay safe, play safe!
-Coach Grant

Complete Coaching

Beginner or expert, young or old, confident or timid, our volleyball training can help you.

Volleyball Classes

Year round training for any skill level


Intermediate Volleyball

Open to athletes 12-18 with 1-2 years of competitive volleyball experience, this practice takes the athletes through the fundamental on-court roles and positions.

Advanced Volleyball Training

Advanced Volleyball

For athletes 12-18 with 2-3 years of experience in competitive volleyball. This program teaches position-specific roles and skills for all phases of the game, from serve-recieve, to attack, to blocking and defense.

Elite Volleyball Attacker

Elite Volleyball

For athletes 12-18 with 3+ years of experience in competitive volleyball. This program teaches the higher level skills - strategic decision making, position specific techniques, and the growth mindset.

Don’t know where to start? Come to a class!

Training Calendar

February 2021
14th Open House! - Serving & Passing
21st Open House! - Passing & Setting
28th Open House! - Setting & Hitting
March 2021
7th Serving
14th Passing
21st Setting
28th Hitting
April 2021
4th Serving
11th Passing
18th Setting
25th Hitting


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