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  • Northshore Tryout Spreadsheet

2020 Volleyball Club Tryouts


Volleyball in the time of COVID The coaches at Delta wish we had better news. We wish we could say that COVID has not affected volleyball, and our athletes were able to play where and when they wished. But as all other aspects of life in 2020, volleyball training [...]

2020 Volleyball Club Tryouts2020-11-13T14:48:16-06:00
  • 2019 Volleyball Club Tryouts

2019 Volleyball Club Tryouts


Why is it so hard to find club information? Good question! The reason club information is so hard to find is that most clubs are small, part-time businesses with little staff and little to no advertising dollars. Unless you live in a volleyball market like Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, or Seattle, [...]

2019 Volleyball Club Tryouts2020-10-28T09:36:33-05:00
  • Volleyball club tryouts are design to build great teams

Club Volleyball Tryouts are When?!


Club Volleyball Tryouts are When?! Every year, club volleyball tryouts sneak up on us. It felt like just last week when we were at the pool trying not to get too sunburned and looking forward to the week-long vacation before the kids go back to school. Then bang! Here comes [...]

Club Volleyball Tryouts are When?!2019-09-21T21:07:53-05:00

The Importance (and Unimportance) of Club Volleyball


The club volleyball question In 20+ years of coaching, I’ve been asked many questions about volleyball. Some technical, some position-specific, and some really challenging. But the most common ones asked are about joining a Club Volleyball program. “What is club volleyball?" "When should my athlete start?" "Who is the best coach?" [...]

The Importance (and Unimportance) of Club Volleyball2019-09-21T17:36:08-05:00

Coach vs. Parent


Hey Coach, My daughter is playing volleyball with the local recreation league, and she feels like she is not getting a fair chance to show off what she can do. I have attended practices and in my opinion, I believe that the coach favors her daughter over my own. While [...]

Coach vs. Parent2019-02-10T01:50:17-06:00

The Art of Performance


Hey Coach, My 15-year old son is playing on a travel soccer team this year, and included with the team is some optional performance training. While I understand that some gym work is necessary, he doesn’t seem to find it helpful, and just wants to play soccer. Should I require [...]

The Art of Performance2022-03-31T21:24:58-05:00

Burnout or Fade Away?


Hey Coach, This year has been all soccer for my son. He has played almost nonstop from the freshman season until now, and has become an excellent striker; starting for the varsity team as a sophomore. While I am proud of all he has accomplished, I am beginning to see [...]

Burnout or Fade Away?2018-03-16T22:53:03-05:00

When to Begin a Sports Career?


Hey Coach, My daughter can’t get enough volleyball. She talks about playing day and night, and seems to have developed most of her friendships through the sport. She even talks about playing collegiate volleyball at LSU someday. The kicker? She’s only 9 years old. Although I don’t want to spoil [...]

When to Begin a Sports Career?2019-02-10T01:52:49-06:00

What is the Best way to get my Children into Sports?


Hey Coach, Both my children (8 and 10) are active and healthy, but are not currently involved in sports. Many of their friends have been playing a single sport for years already. Is it too late to get them involved? How do I give them the best experience? - Concerned [...]

What is the Best way to get my Children into Sports?2018-03-16T21:05:41-05:00

How do I Gain a Larger Competitive Edge?


Hey Coach, I have been playing competitive tennis for three years now, and I seem to have hit a plateau. Although I feel like I am doing everything I can to get better, my win percentage seems to stay the same. How do I get better, faster? - Love-30 [...]

How do I Gain a Larger Competitive Edge?2018-03-16T23:01:50-05:00
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