Questions about developing sports skills? Want to know more about sports training? Let our GameChanger series help you find the right answer. Every month we answer questions from the community about youth athletic development. From parenting challenges, to sports development, to moral decision making; if you have a question, we can help.

The Art of Performance


Hey Coach, My 15-year old son is playing on a travel soccer team this year, and included with the team is some optional performance training. While I understand that some gym work is necessary, he doesn’t seem to find it helpful, and just wants to play soccer. Should I require [...]

The Art of Performance2022-03-31T21:24:58-05:00

How do I Gain a Larger Competitive Edge?


Hey Coach, I have been playing competitive tennis for three years now, and I seem to have hit a plateau. Although I feel like I am doing everything I can to get better, my win percentage seems to stay the same. How do I get better, faster? - Love-30 [...]

How do I Gain a Larger Competitive Edge?2018-03-16T23:01:50-05:00

What Should my Athlete do in the Offseason?


Hey Coach, My son is entering high school next year. He was a starter on his 8th grade team, but the HS players seem so much larger and faster than him. I’m worried that freshman year will find him on the bench. How should I prepare him this summer? - [...]

What Should my Athlete do in the Offseason?2018-03-16T23:02:49-05:00

Should My Daughter Change Sports?


Hey Coach, My daughter has been playing basketball since she was 8 years old. She started at our local parks department, and rapidly moved into travel ball. The problem is she is now 13 years old, 5’1”, and not going to get much taller. She is a good athlete, but [...]

Should My Daughter Change Sports?2018-03-16T23:04:18-05:00
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