Why does Delta Athletics charge a signup fee?

Good question! Delta Athletics charges a signup fee for two reasons. First, Delta Athletics will enroll your athlete into the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). AAU has many membership benefits including supplemental sports insurance, that can cover additional medical costs if your child is injured at an AAU practice or event. As long as you a continuous member with Delta, we will keep you enrolled in AAU.  Second, the one time fee covers training shirts for the life of your membership - meaning you will not pay for a new training shirt when you advance classes. (of course, if you lose [...]

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What services do you offer?

Delta Athletics works to provide high quality accessible coaching to athletes of all ages and skill sets. While our primary methods are listed on the website, we can also work with you to create a custom solution for your athlete, team, or coaching staff. Here is a list of our offerings: Training Classes - This is the primary way that we train, as we have found that consistent, regular training with athletes of similar skill leads to the fastest development. Private Training - Many of our coaches will offer private training in individual or small group sessions. We try to [...]

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How do I enroll in your training?

The best way to experience Delta Athletics is to come to one of our training classes. These classes are held on Sunday evenings at the Vortex Volleyball Center in Ringgold, GA. We recommend that you sign up for a free trial of our classes before enrolling. We would rather meet you in person to understand your skills and goals before we charge you any money. If you decide Delta is a good fit, we will be happy to enroll you after the free trial.

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