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Delta Volleyballs

Looking for a Stocking Stuffer? The Delta Volleyball won’t fit!Are you looking for a stocking stuffer for your athlete? We have a great idea for you! Delta Athletics is now offering our official training volleyballs to our athletes this Christmas season (although we doubt it will really fit into your stocking). Our custom designed balls are Official size and weight for practice and competition and are the same Baden design that is used in club tournaments nationwide. There are two options available: Delta Regulation Volleyball ages 12 and up The Delta Regulation Volleyball is blue [...]

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  • Volleyball club tryouts are design to build great teams

Club Volleyball Tryouts are When?!

Club Volleyball Tryouts are When?! Every year, club volleyball tryouts sneak up on us. It felt like just last week when there was snow on the ground, and we were dreaming about spring break. Then bang! Here comes the rush of end-of-school-year-summer-vacation-planning-what-are-the-kids-going-to-do-while-we-are-at-work?-wait-you-just-got-asked-to-prom?-you-can't-even-drive-yet!-how-much-is-driving-school?!?-first-day-of-school-team-tryouts-good-lord-these-kneepads-need-to-be-washed-we-need-to-stop-and-get-stuff-for-dinner-before-homework-? Wait, what season is it again? Why are swimsuits on closeout? IT’S STILL JUNE FOR PETE’S SAKE. That reminds me…. Oh my gosh! Club volleyball tryouts! When does that start? Am I too late?! Where is the info? Who are the clubs? Where are tryouts? How much does it cost? Did we miss it? Cue the panicked [...]

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