We will be here when you need us, and won’t get mad when you have other things to do, that’s why we make cancellation as simple as possible. Here’s how to do it:

Send an email to Cancel@DeltaAthletics.com with the athlete’s first and last name.

That’s it! That’s all you have to do.

However, in order to make it fair to everyone (and to ensure our great coaches get the pay they deserve) we have two hard rules for cancelling.

  1. We limit the number of training slots in each program to guarantee that every athlete plays all the time. Because of this commitment, the cancellation takes effect 20 days after we receive notice of your cancellation. This allows us time to offer the training slot to another athlete that may be waiting to get in, and it allows us to manage our coach scheduling and pay to ensure we are not overstaffed.
  2. We do not honor any cancellation requests by phone message, text message, social media account, or any other Delta Athletics email. We are a small business, and time spent trying to honor a cancellation via Facebook Messenger or other medium is time consuming, costly and difficult. We are working hard to make sure your athlete get the attention they deserve, so we ask that you honor our time and efforts by using the cancellation policy correctly.