Volleyball Private Lessons

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GRANT LANGE – Master Coach

Grant Lange has coached volleyball for 20 years at the club and collegiate level and is USAV BCAP1 and IMPACT certified.

Coach Ashley Cook


Ashley Cook has coached for 15 years and was an NCAA All-American at the University of Georgia. She is USAV CAP1 and IMPACT certified.

Change Your Game, Faster.

Volleyball is a team sport, and teams practice together. But sometimes an athlete needs focused work on a specific skill – like serving or hitting accuracy, setting technique, or defensive movement and diving. At these times, Delta Athletics volleyball private lessons can help the athlete gain the skills more quickly than just practice alone.

Of course, there are other challenges in volleyball that may require focused work away from the team.  Sometimes a setter needs to connect with a hitter; sometimes the front row needs to work on blocking coordination, sometimes passers need extra reps. Delta Athletics offers small group private lessons to help you and your teammates discover new skills and better coordination.


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