The Tenets of Delta Athletics are the basis for how we coach our athletes. These statements embody our core principles, and are used as a shorthand between coaches to navigate how we present ourselves to the public.

1. We Measure What We Value

Delta Athletics was founded on the principle that everyone – no matter their skill, age, gender, or ability – can benefit from athletics. That’s why we measure change, rather than wins, kills, or aces.

2. Acceptance Drives Performance

By definition, athletes are individuals who sign up to overcome adversity, and we welcome them, and approve of them exactly how they are. Our job is to make sure we prepare them to focus on the challenges of the sport, and to remove other distractions. That’s why we are accepting of all athletes, regardless of age, skill, race, religion, ability, orientation, presentation, or any other distracting element. Our house is a place for learning, and we welcome all.

3. A Simple Goal at Every Level

Individuals progress the fastest when they know what is required of them. That’s why we give athletes simple, clearly stated goals at every level.

4. Tribe Is More Important Than Team

Because Delta welcomes athletes from all ages and places, oftentimes athletes from different teams will meet on our courts. It is our role to teach them that the community of our sport is far more important than the color of their jersey or the name of their mascot. What matters most is the shared community of athletes working to improve in the sport they love.

5. Process Is Greater Than Outcome

Focusing on outcomes may win in the short term, but too often requires shortcuts that fail in the long run. Learning a process may cause short term struggles but leads to long term success.

6. Your Words Will Go Places You Will Never Visit

Coaches hold a rare and important role in athletes’ lives – we are the mentors who drive (or kill) an athlete’s passion. The words we speak will be repeated by our athletes around the dinner table, in other gyms, and to other athletes. We must always choose our words carefully and know they will travel outside our walls.

7. Athletes Are Happiest When They Overcome

Individuals who volunteer to become athletes are signing up to face adversity. That’s why we design our programs with adversity in mind, and we never let an athlete pass a challenge because they are struggling. Rather, we coach them though the challenges they face, and we celebrate with them when they succeed.

8. The Game Teaches the Game

Drills can be educational, and challenges can be fun. But the only real way to learn to play the game is to play the game. Delta is committed to making sure every athlete plays some form of the game every session.

9. We Can Only Train the Athlete Who Returns

When we accepted the role of coach, we also accepted the responsibility of making sure every athlete gets what they need in our sessions. Usually, that means we educate and motivate. But sometimes it means that we just provide a safe space for athletes to deal with their own issues. It is okay to let an athlete find their own way in our sessions.

10. Never Be Anyone’s Last Coach

Coaches can be the main reason an athlete comes to the gym or can be the reason an athlete quits the sport. Our goal is to always be the person who encourages an athlete, but never demands, forces, or pressures. Additionally, we don’t want to be an athlete’s only coach. We want them to grow beyond our training, and to seek excellence though other voices. A good mentor hopes you will eventually outgrow them, while a great one plans for you to.