02 - Teamwork

1 to 5 Defense

1 to 5 defense is a great drill to get your athletes in the competitive mindset while playing defense.

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Dead Fish

Dead fish is a drill game that combines serving accuracy and efficiency while competing against another group.

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Blob is a serving game primarily used in the beginner/intermediate skill level. This drill combines consistent spot serving with high energy competition.

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Instant Karma

This drill can be used to isolate certain skills to work on them one at a time. This is a fast paced, high rep drill to run to keep all athletes engaged.

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Full Court Pepper

Full court pepper is great drill for incorporating defense, setting, and controlled swings. Variations are available for higher levels and varying group numbers.

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Group Shuttle Passing/Setting

This is a small group drill used for ball control, teamwork, and conditioning. Shuttle passing/setting can be used in a variety of ways based on group size, skill level, or age.

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Around the World

Around the World is a popular serving game in which 2 teams are competing against each other to hit every zone on the other side of the court with their serve.

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Servers vs. Passers

Servers vs. Passers is a great drill to incorporate passing off of a live serve and serving against live passers. This drill can be modified to best fit small to large groups, beginner to advanced skill sets, and other variables depending on the players/team available.

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Bingo Bango Bongo

This drill incorporates 6 on 6 play, and allows teams to work on offensive and defensive tactics.

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Half Butterfly

Half Butterfly is intended to isolate a serve receive passer in order to individually work on angles, reading, and body movement. This drill should be used for all skill levels.

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Basic Butterfly

The basic butterfly drill is a way to incorporate serving and receiving in a fast paced, high repetition environment.

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This is a dynamic crossing under the net drill for groups of three players and a great chaos drill for communication.

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