05 - Strategic

Dead Fish

Dead fish is a drill game that combines serving accuracy and efficiency while competing against another group.

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Prisoner is a fun, fast-paced, 6 on 6, wave game encouraging athletes to be efficient while scoring points.

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Blob is a serving game primarily used in the beginner/intermediate skill level. This drill combines consistent spot serving with high energy competition.

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Narrow Court Games

This drill can be used as an isolated game play situation incorporating specific skills. The narrow court format allows for athletes to have smaller groups while keeping game length to a minimum.

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Group Shuttle Passing/Setting

This is a small group drill used for ball control, teamwork, and conditioning. Shuttle passing/setting can be used in a variety of ways based on group size, skill level, or age.

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Serving Activation 6’s

Serving activation is a great drill for 6 on 6 play that incorporates the importance of serving and serve receive. Once activated, the designated side gets freeballs and an opportunity to score.

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Servers vs. Passers

Servers vs. Passers is a great drill to incorporate passing off of a live serve and serving against live passers. This drill can be modified to best fit small to large groups, beginner to advanced skill sets, and other variables depending on the players/team available.

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USA Wash

USA is a simple competitive wash drill designed to keep both sides of the court in continuous play. This drill is a great wash drill for beginner and experienced players alike and allows coaches to customize the difficulty easily.

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Neville’s Pepper

This drill is designed to engage a large group of athletes in a rapid fire ongoing game, with points awarded for performing key skills.

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