what happens on the waitlist?

Delta Athletics works hard to help every athlete that wants to learn, and we are happy to provide private lessons to athletes who want them. Unfortunately, our time is limited, and spots fill very quickly. That’s why we have developed a private lesson waitlist – to give each athlete an opportunity to get the training they desire.

Your athlete gets priority

Upon signing up for our waitlist, your athlete will be one of the first to know when new training times are available. Not only will you receive an email announcing new slot drops, but you will also receive a text message with a link to sign up (if you opted in to text messaging). Because there is high demand for private lesson slots, we recommend that you opt in for SMS messaging to ensure you get timely information. Once the text messages go out, it takes less than a day for all slots to fill.

how new slots drop

Delta coaches will announce lesson spots via email and text at some time in the last week of each month. While there is no guarantee that your preferred coach will have availability, by being on the waitlist you will be notified before anyone else. Of course, during high volume seasons coaches will have less availability for new openings, so we recommend reviewing our other training opportunities to ensure your athlete’s continued development.

Advanced notice for new programs

Because coaches’ private lessons book quickly, we understand trying to book can be frustrating. So while you are on the waitlist, you will recieve early notifications of new training opportunities – from classes, to clinics, to play opportunities. But don’t worry, If you choose to take advantage of these additional opportunites, you will still remain on the private lesson list until you have booked a private lesson.

guaranteed for 90 days

Don’t worry, you won’t have to keep adding your athlete to the waitlist. Your contact information, messaging preferences, and email notifications will stay in our waitlist for 90 days. Because we don’t want to spam you with too many messages, once you reach 90 days on the list without booking we will take you off the list, and let you know we have done so. Of course, if you want to get beck on the list after 90 days, you are welcome to rejoin.

When am I removed from the waitlist?

The waitlist was designed to give priority to new athletes in the Delta Athletics program. Once you have booked a private lesson with a coach, you will be removed from the waitlist, and you can work with the Delta Coaching staff to discuss the right path for your athlete. To avoid spamming you with emails and text messages, your name will be dropped from the waitlist after 90 days. Of course, you can always ask us to remove you from the waitlist, and/or opt out of out marketing messages altogether.