Why a coach priority list?

At Delta Athletics, we know that our coaches are the rockstars. We want to be able to provide incentives for our coaches to be with us for the long haul and give them the ability to not only make their own schedule, but request time slots and locations that best fit their needs.

Setting the coaching schedule

Delta coaches will be contacted individually each month to set a coaching schedule for the next month’s programming. Coaches will be contacted in order of seniority within Delta Athletics. Current seniority is as follows:

  • 1

    Coach Grant

  • 2

    Coach Ashley

  • 3

    Coach Marj

  • 4

    Coach Nick

how do i get a court for private lessons?

We understand that private lessons can be incredibly lucrative. That’s why we want to work with you to make sure that you have the time to make additional income. Just like working our classes, scheduling privates is based on seniority but with one major difference. Coaches with hours worked with Delta Athletics in the previous month will be the only individuals allowed private lesson booking, and court availability will be pro-rated by a combination of hours worked and seniority.

Some rules about private lesson bookings

As you know, there is a cost associated with gym access. Delta Athletics is happy to provide you with more opportunities to earn money, so not only do we secure these gyms for private lessons, but we cover you under our insurance policy for private lessons booked under the Delta Athletics’ system. In order to offer these slots to you, we ask for a monthly $20 fee for the Calendly booking software as well as a $10 an hour court fee for any private lesson booking. As a Delta Athletics’ coach, we will market you through our systems and will standardize the pricing for services. Private lesson pricing is as follows:

Coaching Level 1 Athlete 2 Athletes 3 Athletes 4 Athletes 5+ Athletes
Master Coach $70 $50 $40 $35 $30
Head Coach $60 $45 $35 $30 $25
Assistant Coach $55 $40 $30 $25 $20