About the Author: Coach Grant

Coach Grant
Coach Grant, the founder of Delta Athletics, has dedicated over two decades to improving the accessibility of high-quality coaching for athletes of all ages. He's actively involved with the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) and is USAV CAP2, BCAP1, IMPACT, and SafeSport certified. Grant's unwavering commitment to high-quality coaching is central to Delta Athletics' mission.


Delta Athletics was founded on that idea that youth sports training could be a place to build confidence, no matter the skill level. That’s why Delta works so hard to ensure that everyone faces their own challenges in a supportive environment. To help convey this idea, we use a series of key words to help us understand our visual presentation.


Delta believes that youth sports are  the cornerstone of lifelong athletics, and we want everyone to participate. That’s why fun is the cornerstone of how we present the brand. We all return to places in our lives that bring us joy, and Delta is there to make sure the athletes first experiences are rooted in happiness.


Sports can be a  wonderful community of people all working on their passion together – or it can be a dangerous, divisive, and factional. Delta believes showing the connectedness of athletes across traditional boundaries (team, gender, race, religion, age)  brings the community together.


Progress is often difficult to see without milestones. That’s why Delta built its program to include so many opportunities to achieve. By showing achievement in our imagery, we represent what the brand is built upon.


Athletes who have had fun playing their sport, who feel connected to their peers, and who have achieved successes, will naturally develop a greater confidence with themselves – an attitude that can last a lifetime. Delta is proud to show this emotion throughout our brand efforts.