About the Author: Coach Grant

Coach Grant
Coach Grant, the founder of Delta Athletics, has dedicated over two decades to improving the accessibility of high-quality coaching for athletes of all ages. He's actively involved with the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) and is USAV CAP2, BCAP1, IMPACT, and SafeSport certified. Grant's unwavering commitment to high-quality coaching is central to Delta Athletics' mission.

setting a higher standard

Delta Athletics is working to change how young athletes first experience volleyball and volleyball training. We are introducing many new ideas into the marketplace, and these new ideas can be very confusing to athletes and parents alike. That’s why we take to time to explain what we do both in-person and online.

The best way for us to explain what we do is to be clear and consistent with our communications. By creating a set of visual standards for our business, we keep distractions to a minimum, so our clients can focus on what’s important – understanding what Delta can to for their athlete.

The following pages lay out the Delta Athletics brand – from the fonts, to the colors, to the vision, to the voice – so we can all represent ourselves with the same professional image.

We hold ourselves to a higher standard, so our athletes can develop their highest potential.