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Abita: Sunday – 6:30-8:00 pm
Hammond: Sunday – 4:00-5:30 pm



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Location Time
Abita 6:30-8pm
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Hammond 4-5:30pm
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A semi-open practice for intermediate volleyball players

For athletes 12 to 18 years old with at least 1-year of competitive volleyball, graduation from the Beginner Volleyball program, or both. The Intermediate Volleyball program focuses on giving the athletes the skills, knowledge, and mindset to play competitively. In addition to developing all-around skills for volleyball (serving, passing, hitting, and setting), Intermediate Volleyball  focuses on teaching the fundamentals of rotation and location-based play (front row, back row, defender, setter, hitter).  Training is 90 minutes in length and is open to both boys and girls.

What will the athlete learn?

Starting with a foundation in the fundamentals of volleyball, the intermediate athlete will focus on position and rotation skills, and will use these skills to play competitively.

Is this a difficult program?

This is the first program the Delta Athletics series where the athlete will be challenged to develop both physically and mentally. While not all portions of the practice will be difficult, there will be times where they have to overcome obstacles that may be physically draining, and/or mentally challenging. Of course, it is our goal to make sure they develop in a supportive environment, so their personal development will only be as tough as they can effectively handle.

Requirements for joining the program

Delta Athletics requires that athletes joining the intermediate program demonstrate fundamental volleyball skills equivalent to a player with with 1-year of competitive experience.  Players may test into the intermediate program, or show proof of competitive play at the junior high school or club level.

COVID-19 Policies and Code of Conduct

We take athlete safety seriously. All classes run at 50% capacity (14 players only) and masks are recommended for everyone in the facility. One parent/visitor per athlete allowed in.


All athletes, parents, and spectators must go through the entry station before fully entering the facility, and all entrants agree to adhere to the following if requested by Delta staff:

  • Hand Sanitizing
  • Temperature Check
  • Mask check

Backpacks are permitted, but must be separate from other individuals’ equipment, and left in the bleachers or along the sidelines.

It is recommended that all athletes bring a water bottle and keep it isolated. There are no active water fountains on premises.

Denial of Entry

Any athlete, parent, or spectator who does not adhere to the entrance requirements will not be allowed entry.

Any athlete who shows a fever at the entry station will not be allowed back into camp without proof of a negative COVID-19 test.

During Training

We encourage use of facemasks when off the court. If your athlete is vaccinated and wishes to use a mask, Delta recommends protective masks made by athletic companies such as Adidas or Under Armour. These masks are available at Academy, on Amazon, and at many other locations.

All athletes will sanitize to elbows after each break in play.

Shutdown due to COVID-19

If an athlete who has attended training notifies Delta Athletics of COVID-19 illness or exposure, the classes may be paused for a week, and a make-up session will be scheduled as soon as time and safety permits.

Training Calendar

March 2021
7th Serving
14th Passing
21st Setting
28th Hitting
April 2021
4th Serving
11th Passing
18th Setting
25th Hitting
May 2021
2nd Serving
9th Passing
16th Setting
23rd Hitting
30th Serving

Other Classes


Intermediate Volleyball

Open to athletes 12-18 with 1-2 years of competitive volleyball experience, this practice takes the athletes through the fundamental on-court roles and positions.

Elite Volleyball Attacker

Elite Volleyball

For athletes 12-18 with 3+ years of experience in competitive volleyball. This program teaches the higher level skills - strategic decision making, position specific techniques, and the growth mindset.

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