Project Description

Intermediate/Advanced Volleyball Sundays 6:30-8:00 pm | $99/mth



Every Sunday – 6:30-8:00 pm



$99 monthly
(begin or end anytime)


An open practice for intermediate players

For athletes 12 to 18 years old with some experience in competitive volleyball. This program focuses on giving the athletes developing the skills, knowledge, and mindset to play competitively. In addition to developing all-around skills for volleyball (serving, passing, hitting, and setting), Intermediate/Advanced Volleyball begins the focus on developing specific positions (passer, hitter, setter, blocker), and how these positions interact on the volleyball court.  Training is 90 minutes in length and is open to both boys and girls.

What will the athlete learn?

The athlete will gain a strong foundation in the fundamentals of volleyball, learn basic position and rotation skills, and will learn how to play in a team environment.

Is this a difficult program?

This is the first program the Delta Athletics series where the athlete will be challenged to develop both physically and mentally. While not all portions of the practice will be difficult, there will be times where they have to overcome obstacles that may be physically draining, and/or mentally challenging. Of course, it is our goal to make sure they develop in a supportive environment, so their personal development will only be as tough as they can effectively handle.

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