Project Description

Beginner Volleyball Sundays 3:45-5:15 pm | $99/mth



Every Sunday – 3:45-5:15 pm



$99 monthly
(begin or end anytime)

An open practice for athletes new to volleyball

For athletes 12 to 18 years old looking to learn how to play volleyball. This program takes players who are moving up from a Volley-Lite program, coming from a Pelican Park (or other recreational league) background, or coming from another competitive sport. Beginner/Intermediate Volleyball focuses on giving the athletes the education play the game confidently. In addition to developing all-around skills for volleyball (serving, passing, hitting, and setting), Beginner Volleyball teaches players to play anywhere on the court, and how to work together as a team.  Training is 90 minutes in length, and is open to both boys and girls.

What will the athlete learn?

The athlete will gain a strong foundation in the fundamentals of volleyball, learn position-based skills, and will gain the confidence to compete.

Is this a difficult program?

Moderately. This program is designed to train athletes to compete using their volleyball skills. While no experience is necessary, a strong work ethic is encouraged.

Training Calendar

November 2019
3rd and 4th Serving
10th and 11th Passing
17th and 18th Setting
24th and 25th Hitting
December 2019
1st and 2nd Serving
8th and 9th Passing
15th and 16th Setting
22nd and 23rd Hitting
29th and 30th Serving
January 2020
5th and 6th Passing
12th and 13th Setting
19th and 20th Hitting
26th and 27th Serving

Other Classes

Advanced Volleyball Training

Advanced Volleyball

For athletes 12-18 with 2-3 years of experience in competitive volleyball. This program teaches position-specific roles and skills for all phases of the game, from serve-recieve, to attack, to blocking and defense.

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