Northshore Club Tryouts 2020

Club Name Phone Ages Advertised Tryout Dates Tryout Fee Advertised Coaches
Next Step 504.615.8370 N/A Southshore training only – no club due to COVID N/A 2
Krewe 10-18 Southshore only (no Northshore due to COVID) $50 9
Crescent City Juniors 504.517.9372 11/12,15 11/15 (all ages) $50 5
Louisiana Juniors (VIA) 805.455.5554 12,14,16 11/9 (12&14), 11/16 (16) $50 3
WD Nation 985.273.9155 13-18 11/1 (13 & 14), 11/15 (15-18) $0 7
Southern Elite 10-18 10/31 (10-14), 11/7 (8-14), 11/14 (15-18) $0
Challenge 985.276.9059 11-17 10/29(13&14), 10/30(11&12), 11/17(15&16), 11/19(17) Not Posted
Elite Volleyball 985.273.4139 14-15 11/15 Not Posted 2

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Why is it so hard to find club information?

Good question! The reason club information is so hard to find is that most clubs are small, part-time businesses with little staff and little to no advertising dollars. Unless you live in a volleyball market like Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, or Seattle, you are going to have a hard time finding the club info through Google. Your best bet to find your local clubs is through Facebook or word of mouth.

What should I do if I missed tryouts?

Your best bet will always be to contact the club directly to see if there are still opportunities available. Many clubs will take between 8 and 14 athletes per team, and there may still be space on the team you want to join. Expect to do a private tryout, and possibly sit the bench at the first couple of tournaments until you understand the team dynamic.

If there is not a spot for your athlete, don’t fret! An athlete won’t fall too far behind skipping a year of club. Especially if they take their free time to train in one of Delta Athletics training programs. Delta trains every week, year-round, and your athlete can join today!

Remember, unless you are on the fast track to get your athlete into college, professional, or Olympic volleyball, club training is not mandatory for anyone. While it is a great environment for learning and development, it is not the only way to learn the game.

As always, because our mission is to get athlete playing the game, no matter where they choose to play, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have. We can be reached at 504.383.5164 during business hours, or anytime via email at

Good Luck!

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