Warm Up

    • Frankensteins
    • 25 High Knees
    • 25 Buttkicks
    • Spidermans
    • High Jump, Long Jump
    • Ice Skater Stick and Holds
    • Defense shuffle there and back


15 min.

Working on Setting Hands

  • "Keep Platform Behind the Ball"
    "Talk to your Teammates"
    The best way to introduce these drill to the athletes is to corner everyone up, then use two assistants or higher level players to quickly demonstrate each drill. Coaches should provide the measurement of success for each drill (eg. 'We are looking for above the antenna passes' or 'We are looking for your highest number of continuous contacts').
    •  Pass to Self, Pass to Partner
    •  Pass to Self, Set to Partner
    •  Past to Self, Back Pass to Partner
    •  Short, Short, Deep
10 min.

Move to catch ball in setting position

  • "High Middle of the Court"
    "The Ball Knows Angles"
    "Watch Player Contact"
    This one can be complicated to introduce, stat with a single side and build from there.
    •  Clockwise
    •  Counter Clockwise


21 min.

Teamwork Drill 1 Coaches Notes

  • "High Middle of the Court"
    "Keep Platform Behind the Ball"
    "Talk to your Teammates"
    The best way to introduce this drill is by placing three even lines at the endline and having the three first players in line demonstrate. The theme of this drill is managing chaos.
    •  Cooperative
    •  Brazil Queens


31 min.

Location Drill 1 Coaches Notes

  • "Keep Platform Behind the Ball"
    "Talk to your Teammates"
    "The Ball Knows Angles"
    "Watch Player Contact"
    Coaches should always introduce the drill by calling it by the name we use at Delta, describing the intent of the drill, use the coaching cues as key points of focus, and providing a demonstration of the drill with the athletes.
    •  3 Teams | One scoring points, two alternating for time
    •  4 teams | Two teams per side, the winning team stays, other side changes


41 min.

Position Drill 1 Coaches Notes


51 min.

Strategic Drill 1 Coaches Notes


The Challenge Coaches Notes are located here

10 min.
  • The beginning challenge for serving - 10 underhand serves in a row with one miss allowed.

    • Athlete must serve 10 underhand balls out of 11 attempts
    • Athletes under 12 can serve 6 feet into the court
    • Atheltes self-report their own success
    • This is another rule


61 min.

Statistic Drill 1 Coaches Notes