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Fun and Active Skill Development

Delta Athletics Youth Spring Training is geared toward athletes 12 and under looking to learn the fundamentals of volleyball, get better at their skills and develop a strong foundation of teamwork, sportsmanship, and fun!

Program Details

Our eight-week Youth Winter/Spring Training is designed to give your athlete the skills and knowledge to play volleyball at the school, recreational, or competitive level. We use the USAV official regulations for gameplay under 12 years old (7″ net height, and VolleyLite ball). Athletes will learn the fundamentals of volleyball including serving, passing, setting, attack, and defense, with special attention paid to successful serving at any age (or size!).

What to wear, what to bring

Please be dressed in workout attire (workout shirt + shorts or leggings), have proper volleyball shoes, and kneepads (required). A water bottle is recommended, but not necessary.

What will the athlete learn?

The athlete will gain a strong foundation in the proper techniques for playing volleyball, as well as learn the rules, positions, and teamwork necessary to be successful on the volleyball court.

Is this a difficult program?

At Delta Athletics, we strive to give you challenges that are age and skill appropriate. If you are new to volleyball, this program will be a lot of (fun!) information. If you have played before, our coaches will challenge you to refine your skills towards the next level.

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