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Fun and Active Skill Development

Delta Athletics Winter/Spring Training is geared toward athletes 12 – 18 looking to learn the fundamentals of volleyball, hone their skills and develop a strong foundation of teamwork, athleticism, and fun!

Program Details

Our eight-week Winter/Spring Training is designed to give your athlete the skills and knowledge to play volleyball at the school, recreational, or competitive level. Each week focuses on a different skill (serving, passing, hitting, setting) and teaches the athlete to use that skill in different in-game scenarios. Special attention will be paid to successful serving at any age (or size!).

What to wear, what to bring

Please be dressed in workout attire (workout shirt + shorts or leggings), have proper volleyball shoes, and kneepads (required). A water bottle is recommended, but not necessary.

What will the athlete learn?

The athlete will gain a strong foundation in the proper techniques for playing volleyball, as well as learn the rules, positions, and teamwork necessary to be successful on the volleyball court.

Is this a difficult program?

At Delta Athletics, we strive to give you challenges that are age and skill appropriate. If you are new to volleyball, this program will be a lot of (fun!) information. If you have played before, our coaches will challenge you to refine your skills towards the next level.


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