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Start your season right

Delta Athletics Season Gear Up is a program focused on getting ready for the school volleyball season. this program will prepare you for fall tryouts, get your skills ready for the next level, and help you get back into volleyball shape.

Program Details

Our Season Gear Up runs three hours each weekday (M-F) from 9am to 12pm. Each day will have a specific skill focus (serving, passing, setting, hitting, teamwork), and will have position-specific training for all positions.

What to wear, what to bring

Please be dressed in workout attire (workout shirt + shorts or leggings), have proper volleyball shoes, and kneepads (required). A water bottle and snacks are recommended.

What will the athlete learn?

The athlete will gain a strong foundation in the proper techniques for playing volleyball, as well as learn the rules, positions, and teamwork necessary to be successful on the volleyball court.

Is this a difficult program?

This program is meant to be challenging. We want you to be successful at your next level, so we will push you to become a better athlete. This will include skill development, physical challenges, and mental toughness training. But we strive to only give you challenges that you can handle, so your training with will be geared toward your needs.

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