Northshore Club Tryouts 2020

Club Name Phone Ages Advertised Tryout Dates Tryout Fee Advertised Coaches
Next Step 504.615.8370 N/A Southshore training only – no club due to COVID N/A 2
Krewe 10-18 Southshore only (no Northshore due to COVID) $50 9
Crescent City Juniors 504.517.9372 11/12,15 11/15 (all ages) $50 5
Louisiana Juniors (VIA) 805.455.5554 12,14,16 11/9 (12&14), 11/16 (16) $50 3
WD Nation 985.273.9155 13-18 11/1 (13 & 14), 11/15 (15-18) $0 7
Southern Elite 10-18 10/31 (10-14), 11/7 (8-14), 11/14 (15-18) $0
Challenge 985.276.9059 11-17 10/29(13&14), 10/30(11&12), 11/17(15&16), 11/19(17) Not Posted
Elite Volleyball 985.273.4139 14-15 11/15 Not Posted 2

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Volleyball in the time of COVID

The coaches at Delta wish we had better news. We wish we could say that COVID has not affected volleyball, and our athletes were able to play where and when they wished. But as all other aspects of life in 2020, volleyball training has had to make significant changes to accommodate our unwelcome viral guest.

But volleyball is beginning to come back. This year’s club season will be smaller, more focused, and will probably require much less travel. Many clubs are working hard to perform training in a safe, responsible way – with many requiring masks, temperature checks, and limiting gym access.

Why are there so few clubs this year?

As you can probably guess, most volleyball clubs are small, part-time businesses with little staff and almost no cushion to manage the economic shocks that have happened in 2020. Additionally, because most clubs rent gyms from schools, recreation districts, and churches, they are at the mercy of the facility when renting. Many gym locations simply have not opened back up.

With COVID still out there, is club safe?

That’s a really good question, with no easy answer. The reality of this pandemic is that the more time you spend in public, the greater risk you have of contracting the virus. The club teams are working to try to minimize risk as best as they can, but no amount of precaution is a guarantee of your safety. We highly encourage you to ask questions of the club and observe the precautions they are taking. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what level of risk you are willing to take.

I’m worried I may not make a club, what should I do?

This year, tryouts will be tough. Lots of people are looking for places to play, and not all of them will make the team. While that may be disappointing to you or your athlete, remember that a single season is not your entire volleyball career. Volleyball can be a lifelong sport, and spending a season off the court doesn’t mean much in the long term.

What should I do if I missed tryouts?

Your best bet will always be to contact the club directly to see if there are still opportunities available. Many clubs will take between 8 and 14 athletes per team, and there may still be space on the team you want to join. Expect to do a private tryout, and possibly sit the bench at the first couple of tournaments until you understand the team dynamic.

What do I do if I don’t get on a team?

Remember, unless you are on the fast track to get your athlete into college, professional, or Olympic volleyball, club training is not mandatory for anyone. While it is a great environment for learning and development, it is not the only way to learn the game. Again, a single season is not your entire volleyball career. If you don’t make the team this year, please reach out to us – we can help guide you to the next opportunity in your area.

Is Delta still running classes?

As of this post (October 28th, 2020) Delta is not yet running classes. However, we are providing private small group trainings to athletes who request it. If you would like to discuss options for this type of training can be reached at 504.383.5164 during business hours, or anytime via email at

As always our mission is to get all athletes playing the game. No matter where you choose to play, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Good Luck!

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